Health & Safety

RTDNA has been closely monitoring developments with COVID-19 and the Delta variant. While cases in Denver remain relatively low and vaccination rates in the metro area are high, our goal is to make RTDNA21 as safe as possible. To that end, we are adopting the following safety protocols:


We will be requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination from all attendees at RTDNA21.

We believe this is the best way to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 as breakthrough cases remain rare. This is just the latest step we have taken to protect attendees at RTDNA21.

Read all about how RTDNA will verify COVID-19 vaccination status for RTDNA21 attendees.

Mask Up!

The CDC is recommending that all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, wear face masks indoors. We’re going to follow suit, so face masks will now be required at RTDNA21 within the conference event space, regardless of vaccination status. Except, obviously, when enjoying coffee (or any other food or drink).


Lanyard We’re working to make it easy for you to let others know your COVID-19 comfort level when it comes to interactions at RTDNA21. Choose a red, yellow or green lanyard so people know to maintain distance, only go for the elbow bump or bring on the high fives and hugs.

All the Sanitizing

Germs are a no-go, so we’ve got hand sanitizer stations throughout the conference space. We’d also really appreciate it if attendees practice good hygiene and wash their hands regularly to help keep their fellow conference-goers — and their families — safe.


A little space is always good, right? We’re limiting capacity in some breakout, keynote and conference spaces so we can provide as much social distancing as possible during the event. It’s definitely a good idea to arrive early to breakout sessions or activities to make sure you snag a seat!


RTDNA21 attendees will be asked to sign a COVID waiver and release upon arrival at the Registration Desk in Denver. Click here to review the waiver before you arrive.

Like each of you, we can’t wait for a return to normal, and gathering in Denver is a step in that direction. After a year like 2020, we know we can take these small steps together to make RTDNA21 as safe as possible.

Questions? Send them here.